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February 17, 2016 | Amy McMillan

It’s hard to imagine that anyone with access to a television, radio, newspaper, or the internet has not heard about the Flint Water Crisis.  The presence of lead in the City’s drinking water supply has resulted in calls and emails from our visitors seeking more information regarding the source of drinking water in the Genesee County Parks, particularly those parks with a Flint mailing address, which includes many of our facilities in the Genesee Recreation Area.

No Genesee County Park or facility draws, or has drawn, its water from the City of Flint’s drinking water system.

Many of our parks, such as Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad and Bluegill Boat Launch draw their water from on-site wells.  Other parks, such as Bluebell Beach, draw their water from Genesee County’s water system.

We at the Genesee County Parks are appalled by the condition of the City of Flint’s drinking water.  We are outraged that the state and federal agencies charged with protecting our citizens and our drinking water failed so completely in their responsibilities.

We, especially those of us who live in the City of Flint, are also beyond grateful for the amazing support Flint’s residents have received from people and organizations here and around the country, most especially from the local philanthropic community, organized labor, the faith community, and endless numbers of volunteers who are giving so generously of their time and resources to deliver bottled water and test kits and to install fixtures and filters.

If you have questions about the source(s) of drinking water in the Genesee County Parks, please call us at 810-736-7100 or email us at ParksWebTeam@geneseeparks.org

Lead contamination in the City of Flint’s drinking water supply also has many questioning the quality and health of the Flint River, on which so many of us float, paddle, and fish.  Our long-time partners at the Flint River Watershed Coalition have monitored the Flint River for well over a decade.  For more information on Flint River testing in light of Flint’s drinking water crisis, please visit http://flintriver.org/blog/

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