Planning and Support for a Successful Trail System

March 10, 2016 | Amy McMillan

In a 2014 survey, Genesee County residents rated trails for walking, running, and biking as their top priority for improvements to Genesee County Parks.

A great trail system takes a lot of planning and it takes a big, whopping load of money.  Lucky for us, the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission has stepped up to the plate to develop a comprehensive non-motorized trail plan.  With a great plan in place, and a couple of  under our belts  we’ve set our sights on securing grants to help get the rest of those trails built.

At the end of this month, Genesee County Parks will submit a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant application to the Department of Natural Resources requesting $300,000 to match over $420,000 in local Transportation Assistance Program grants to build a 3.1 mile section of trail that begins at our office and runs near the river and through the woods of the Genesee Recreation Area to Irish Road, the entrance to Richfield County Park, the Irish Road Fishing Site and Goldenrod Disc Golf Course.  To the west, the trail will connect to the Bluegill Bike Path, which in turn connects to the Stepping Stone Falls Trail, the Bluebell Beach Trail, and the Flint River Trail.

Showing public support is one of the really important parts of any successful grant request, which is where you can be a big, huge help.  And, by public support, we mean letters.  Lots and lots of letters advocating for the approval of the grant request that we can include with our grant application.

We know that the hardest part of writing a letter of support is getting started. Just click here to view an example of a support letter and feel free use any or all of it to help get you started. Or, write your own personalized letter of support, and return the letter to me at the address below, drop it off at our office, fax it or email it to me by March 28, 2016 and I will include your support letter in our grant application.  WIth your support we can make this trail a reality!

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