New Study Proves Being Active Outdoors is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

April 8, 2016 | Amy McMillan

Even though there’s still white snow on the ground in April, I know that Spring is on its way.  That means warmer weather is right around the corner and time again for some of my favorite activities.

Being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, listening to the birds and frogs, smelling freshly mowed grass, walking under the trees along Mott Lake, or paddling my kayak on the Flint river is my go-to cure for pretty much whatever everyday life trials and tribulations are making my head hurt.  It’s not so much that being outside makes problems disappear; it just clears my head and makes it easier to cope.  This, in turn, makes me a lot more fun to be around!

Spending time in nature is the opposite of a vicious cycle; being in nature is avirtuous cycle.  And you don’t have to just take my word for it.  A new study proves it.  Being in nature actually changes our brains and makes us happier.  That means being active in nature is good for both your physical andmental health.  And, in Genesee County, we are lucky to have 11,000 acres of happiness in the form of your Genesee County Parks — phenomenal natural resources right outside your door!

Get away, right away to your Genesee County Parks.  Your brain will be glad you did.

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