Wild Pokemon have invaded the Genesee County Parks

July 12, 2016 | Amy McMillan

It only took one weekend for everyone to know about, or at least hear about, the new Pokemon Go! App and the excitement buzz it’s generating.  We don’t doubt you’ve heard about it by now either from social media, your friends or your kids.  We were thrilled to see so many people out exploring the parks over the weekend trying to catch ‘em all, and we appreciate that this new craze is encouraging physical activity in all age groups.

We’re here to tell you that wild Pokémon of all species have invaded your Genesee County Parks!  We need all you trainers out there to help us catch them.  They have shown up at our boat launches, trails, beaches and even For-Mar! There have been reports of Kakunas teasing children on the nature trail, rattatas munching plants in our hoop house and pidgeys playing with visitors. Have you found any others in the parks? Share your quests with us using #geneseecountyparks

Your county parks make the perfect location to safely explore while on the hunt for your next catch.  Have an egg in your incubator? We have miles of both paved paths and hiking trails for you to explore while you gain that needed distance to hatch it. And remember – the parks have a variety of different habitats that may not exist near your house.  Come visit a shoreline for a chance to see and catch water-type Pokémon you might not find anywhere else.

You’ll also find some gyms and pokestops scattered throughout the parks so you can stock up on your pokeballs and potions, and maybe even find some eggs during your adventures. (P.S. – we already found three pokestops and one gym near our office)

We won’t judge – whether you’re 5 and Pokémon is new to you, or 25 and used to play it on Gameboy – or even 80 and remember when your kids or grandkids loved it before. If you feel the need to catch ‘em all come out and explore the parks and you may even run into others doing the same, but please remember your own safety.  Be aware of your surroundings to avoid tripping or other injuries. When driving within the parks, always be aware of children and other park users and please don’t Pokémon Go and drive. Remember that most park hours are 8am to sunset and that you are not allowed to walk into park properties that are closed.  Normal fees for paid properties will still be enforced even if you’re just collecting Pokémon.  Please follow the park rules so everyone can enjoy their experience and get away, right away to your next adventure.

Interested in learning more?  Click here to visit their website.

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