Everywhere you turn inside For-Mar a different garden can be seen. From the native shade garden of the Arboretum to the community gardens, there is something new to see every season. 

Community Garden

Our 11,000 Square feet community garden includes 12 raised gardens, 10 ground level plots for community access, plus several garden plots set aside for children’s programming.

Hoop House

Take a visit back to the Hoop House where For-Mar staff conduct year round gardening programs in a functioning hoop house that produces hundreds of pounds of food for our community each year. Food harvested from the hoop house gets donated to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

New in 2016 – Butterfly House

Within close walking distance to the parking lot you have the chance to see seven different Michigan Native butterfly species. The butterfly house provides both caterpillar host plants and nectar plants for these species.

Four Seasons Garden

The Four seasons garden, named for the four statues set within the beds, sits adjacent to the Arboretum’s only water feature.  This pond creates the perfect backdrop to highlight the variety of plants that bloom within the gardens and the “Arbor by the Pond” is a favorite for engaged couples.

Maple Walk

Planted in the early 70’s, this unique landscape is the heart and soul of the Arboretum. Lined with mature maple trees, it represents the generosity of the community in establishing one of Genesee County Parks main attractions.

Shade Garden

Highlighting our native understory, or shade loving plants, the Shade Garden brings together a collection of unique and interesting plants under one canopy.  Sitting near the parking lot, it is the perfect opportunity for relaxing when time is limited.