We can bring our 383 acre nature preserve and arboretum to you, and we call it For-Mar on the Road! For-Mar on the Road offers in school programs for k-8 grades that focus on nature, animals and plants. All programs are designed and connected to Michigan’s Grade Level Educational Standards, including the Common Core State Standards and the STEM initiatives, as well as, use certified and award winning environmental education curriculums. We make learning fun an interactive through our use of Truck Farm Horticulture Programs and Turtle Van Nature Programs.

In addition to in-school programs, For-Mar on the Road can be booked for after school programs, special events, community organizations, meetings, or even private parties.

Click here for our brochure about k-8 in-school programs.

Click here for our brochure on adult and senior programs.

Click here for our brochure for Adaptive Recreation


Nature or horticulture based programs, presentations and workshops can be tailored for any kind of group, including scouts, schools, senior citizens, special needs audiences, churches, preschools, home school groups, etc. Staff can provide these programs at For-Mar or off-site. There is no charge for a general parks information presentation. 

For additional information on Outreach Programs or to book one, contact Courtney Prout at (810) 249-2380 or email at