1/11/18 Snow Conditions No Longer Support Winter Activities in the Parks

Due to the warming and melting, conditions are no longer suitable for winter activities in the parks. During this time parks operating on 24/7 schedule will return to opening at 8am and closing at sunset, toboggan hill will remained closed, and snowmobile traffic is suspended.

Winter activities can resume when the the ground is frozen, we have more than 3 inches of snow, and has been authorized by the administration.

Stepping Stone Falls Closed For Winter Season

Now that snow has fallen, our winter park hours have gone into effect at Stepping Stone Falls. For the safety of visitors we close Stepping Stone Falls for the winter when snow conditions make the concrete unsafe for pedestrian use. Stepping Stone Falls will re-open in the Spring.


Trail Improvements and Closures at For-Mar

A new water supply line for the Genesee County Drain Commission is being partially installed underground through For-Mar.  Staff is working closely with the contractors to ensure minimal disruption to the beauty and use of For-Mar as this takes place and to make certain that the property is returned to its natural state upon completion.  In return, some improvements are coming to For-Mar!  The gravel pathways through the center of the park are being re-graveled and leveled and the Potter Road entrance drive is being paved.  In order to do so, some temporary trail closures will take place.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, trails 17 thru 23 will be closed to the public due to the pipeline construction taking place in those areas. The week of August 14 thru 18, gravel work will be taking place on the interior gravel service roads at For-Mar.  During that time, roads will not be closed, but caution should be utilized around large trucks and other equipment.  All other roads and trails will remain open, with the exception of the previous listed trails.

We appreciate your patience during these projects and look forward to sharing the improved trails with all of you!

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum Potter Road Entrance Closed

Visitors to For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum may notice construction equipment moving into place starting May 2 near the Potter Road entrance to the park.

The Genesee County Drain Commission will be performing some work along an existing easement within For-Mar over the coming weeks to install an underground water supply line. The Potter Road entrance to the park will remain closed until the work is complete.

Crews are coordinating their work closely with Genesee County Parks staff to ensure the protection of the environment at For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum. At the completion of the project, the Potter Road entrance drive back to the DeWaters Center will be paved to improve accessibility for park patrons.

When you visit For-Mar over the next few weeks please avoid areas under construction and obey all closure signs to ensure your safety.