Special Notice

February 13, 2020
Until further notice, effective immediately ALL PARKS will allow the possession and operation of unmanned aircraft so long as the operation is in accordance with Federal and State laws and does not violate any
criminal laws. Section P910615 shall not be deemed a criminal law for purposes of this notice.

Parks Rules

Click here for a complete list of Parks Rules.

Genesee County Parks Seeks Public Input Until April 1, 2020

The Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission intends to apply for a three separate grants from the State of Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund for the purpose of:

1.) Iron Belle Trail Section – From Atlas Township to White Tail Drive in Grand Blanc Township. The extension will be a 2.28 mile section running on the south side of Perry Road to White Tail Drive.

2.)Goldenrod Disc Golf – Proposed renovation to amenities to improve accessibility. Replace the portable bathroom facilities with a universally accessible vault toilet, pave ADA parking spaces with appropriate signage in the parking lot, and an asphalt pathway will link the parking to the toilet facility, which will be in proximity to the Disc Gold Map for Goldenrod, with posted rules.

3.)Thomas Estates Acquisition – Proposed purchase of property connecting two parcels of park land and to preserve waterfront property for public use.

Public comments will be accepted in person or mail at Genesee County Parks, 5045 Stanley Road, Flint, MI 48506. , email: parkswebteam@gcparks.org or attendance at regular Parks Commission meetings, held at 5045 Stanley Road, Flint, MI until April 1, 2020.

Seasonal Gate Closures

Starting Tuesday 11/12 all seasonal gates will close for the season:

  • Stepping Stone Falls
  • North side of Richfield County Park
  • Buell Lake  County Park back loop
  • Linden Soccer Fields
  • Toboggan Hill until required conditions for sledding
  • Flushing County Park back loop
  • Chevy Commons Chevrolet St. lot, Kearsley St lot will remain open

Recent Vote on Marijuana Proposal – What You Need to Know in the Parks

As of November 6, 2018, Michigan voters voted to legalize marijuana. We want to remind park visitors, that although this proposal passed, it still does not allow public consumption of marijuana. Much like alcohol is prohibited within Genesee County Parks, so too is marijuana. Thank you for your understanding.