A clean and attractive community encourages economic development, improves the community’s image, and provides a vibrant place to live, work and play!

Cultivating Our Community offers a planned way to add beauty to the community, and to build the community through beautification.   C.O.C. brings people together from many backgrounds – businesses, neighborhood groups, clubs, churches, students, and young people. 

In 2006, the seed of Cultivating Our Community was planted, and it has grown to the largest beautification effort ever in our community.  So far, groups have planted and tended 55,000 trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, and bulbs! 

Cultivating Our Community has branded beautification with a field-tested Plant Palette that is salt tolerant, low maintenance, drought resistant, and long-blooming.  We’ve branded beautification with a Street Tree Palette for homes, parks, and businesses. 

If you’re interested in Cultivating Our Community, or would like information or educational materials, please contact the Cultivating Our Community Program Coordinators, 810-209-6014, or