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Adopt A Park


About The Program

The Adopt a Park Program provides information, resources, and support to help volunteer groups develop the organizational skills, knowledge and partnerships necessary to adopt and reclaim parks in the City of Flint.

The City of Flint has 70 parks and public spaces.  Through collaboration and partnerships with local organizations and businesses, and community residents who have agreed to adopt and maintain parks, those spaces are kept clean and beautiful. The City of Flint has limited resources to spend on parks but has committed to keeping them mowed through the use of contractors beginning in April/May and ending in October of each year. A grant from the CS Mott Foundation supports using the Genesee County Parks maintenance staff who provide trash pick-up, playground safety inspections and maintenance, and miscellaneous park equipment repair.

Well-Kept Parks

  • Add beauty to a neighborhood
  • Provide safe and clean spaces for children to play
  • Provide a place to gather with neighbors
  • Reduce crime and vandalism
  • Improve health by offering opportunities for recreation and exercise
  • Increase property values
  • Reflect the history and culture of the neighborhood
  • Attract new residents, businesses, and investments.

Keep Genesee County Beautiful invites neighborhood groups, block clubs and associations, community and civic groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and other interested parties to become involved in the Adopt a Park program. Volunteer groups assume responsibility for being the “eyes and ears” for their park and assist with activating the park through scheduled programs and events.

Adopt a Park applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Based on the size of the park, more than one group or organization may adopt the park.  

Please contact our Adopt A Park Coordinator       

Brandon Denler 810-931-7241 for more information.


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