Genesee County Parks offers over 11,000 acres of adventure. From the shores of Mott Lake to the wooded mudflats near Kearsley Creek at For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum, we have miles of trails that will lead you to new discoveries. Whether you’re looking to walk, run, hike, bike, paddle or enjoy the trails in some other way, Genesee County Parks has a terrain worth finding and the scenery worth exploring.

Lace up a pair of comfy shoes, apply the sunscreen or dress in layers for the weather and grab some bug spray or your kayak if you want to. Then escape your everyday routine with some quality time in nature. Our trailways are within walking distance of great local restaurants and attractions and even link to other major trail systems. Be sure to check out the paved, universally accessible trail from Lions Park to Bluebell Beach that is part of the Michigan Iron-Belle trail system and take the connection point to the Flint River Trail system to head downtown. Launch your kayak, paddle board or boat and enjoy miles of scenic water trail on the Flint River. Whether you choose an easy going paved path, a leisure paddle or a challenging hiking trail through the hills, you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you.


We’ve compiled a list of our visitor’s favorite trails to make getting started even easier. Take advantage of the measured trails marked on the maps, but don’t hesitate to wander off the beaten path and enjoy the endless miles of more secluded hiking trails and un-measured trails in all of our parks. Click here to find a complete list of park locations and amenities or for our Trail Guide, click here.

Bluebell Beach

5500 Bray Rd. in Flint
Enjoy close to a mile of paved trail area along the shores of Mott Lake. Bicyclists and walkers enjoy the beautiful views on the east side of the loop, while the west side provides a more peaceful experience. From start to finish, walkers should be able to complete the loop in a quick 12 minutes.
Click here to download Beach trail map.

Buell Lake County Park

14098 Genesee Rd. in Clio
This one-mile trail begins steps away from the Buell Lake Boat Ramp. It’s the perfect trail for bike riding or just walking and enjoying the day. The trail takes about 25 minutes to complete and ends close to a play area for children and a restroom.
Click here to download Buell Beach trail map.

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

2142 N. Genesee Rd. in Burton
With nurmerous miles of trails, including a 5k route, which can be accessed at the north and main entrance, the beauty of For-Mar can be seen by walking, running or biking. Hike along the bend of Kearsley Creek and explore the trails that twist through the stream’s heavily wooded mudflats. With over 60 signposts pointing you in the right direction, you can easily find a trail that will lead to new adventures and discoveries.
Click here to download F
or-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum trail map.

Stepping Stone Falls

5161 Branch Rd. in Flint
Take a walk on 1.25 miles of repaved terrain around the western side of Mott Lake and around the Flint River to Stepping Stone Falls. Enjoy the birch, maple and oak trees scattered throughout the area. Be sure to come back on a summer night and experience the falls as they’re illuminated by multi-colored lights.
Click here to download the Stepping Stone Falls map.

Bluegill Boat Launch

Entrances on Coldwater Rd. and Genesee Rd. south of Stanley Rd.
Enjoy 1.5 miles of winding terrain along the rustic shores of Mott Lake. If you’re walking, from start to finish this short trek should take around 35 minutes. Bicycle enthusiasts are always welcome and can often be found enjoying the sights and scenery along the main trail.
Click here to download the Bluegill Boat Launch trail map. 

Flushing County Park

4417 N. McKinley Rd. in Flushing
This one-mile loop that runs along Carpenter Road and swings close to the Flint River is a nice and easy walk that shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes to complete. The terrain is great for bicycles, too. In the spring and summer, green trees and green grass line the trail. Bring your dog and a pair of running shoes and enjoy one of Genesee County Park’s most beautiful paths.
Click here to download the Flushing County Park trail map.

Linden County Park

15349 S. Linden Rd. in Linden
Two trails can be found at Linden County Park. One is a 1.5-mile loop through beautiful terrain that takes around 35 minutes to complete and the other cuts through the center and is perfect for biking. Explore the grounds on foot and enjoy the maple, oak and beech trees. The trails are open all season long and provide room for discovery and adventure 365 days a year.
Click here to download the Linden County Park trail map.

Richfield County Park

6322 N Irish Rd. in Davison
With the Flint River meandering through two miles of trails, you’ll find a 1930s suspension bridge connecting the north and south side of this Genesee County Park. On the north side you’ll find hiking and walking trails that cater to bicyclists and walkers. On the south side, you’ll discover more trails to explore. Take a stroll and take in the views of the sugar maple and oak trees spread throughout the park.
Click here to download the Richfield County Park Map.

Flint River Trail

If you’re looking for the community’s main trail system – the Flint River Trail is where you want to be.  The Flint River Trail runs through downtown Flint and connect all the way out to Bluegill Boat Launch with connections to other trail systems like the Genesee Valley Trail and local restaurants and attractions.  It is also part of the Michigan Iron Belle Trail system. For more information click here to visit the Genesee County Planning Commission’s website.

Click here to download the Flint River trail map

Flint River Water Trail

The Flint River provides 73 miles of recreation for paddlers and boaters alike. Many access points are available in the Genesee County Parks to launch your boat, kayak, canoe or paddle board and enjoy unmatched wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities. Enjoy traveling through urban areas, small towns and natural areas on the river while you make your way from Lapeer to Montrose Township. When you’re ready for a break, enjoy a local restaurant within walking distance of the river or the park areas you’re traveling through. Many of the paved trails listed above are immediately adjacent to the Flint River Water Trail.

For more information on the water trail and the work being done to increase awareness and gain a national designation for the trail, visit the Flint River Watershed Coalitions website by clicking here.


Running on a treadmill may be good for the body, but it doesn’t do much for the spirit. Instead, breathe in the fresh air and feel the sunshine as you explore our parks in a whole new way. There are so many reasons to choose your Genesee County Parks.

  • Safety – Park Rangers patrol all park locations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our trails are well maintained and no motorized vehicles are allowed on any trails.
  • Variety – With multiple trail types, lengths and locations, you are sure to find the terrain and unique views you can enjoy for all levels of adventure and abilities.
  • Location – There are Genesee County Parks in every corner of the county, and with numerous locations your start is just around the corner and close to home or work.
  • Four Seasons of Fun – Your fitness goals don’t have to end when the temperatures decline. Our parks are open year-round and provide areas for your favorite outdoor winter activities as well.
  • Accessible – Many of our trails have been updated to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards.