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In late 2009, the City of Flint engaged a team of consultants to develop a preliminary design for modifications to the Hamilton Dam, building upon past studies of the riverfront area. Seeing an opportunity to establish a strategy for change across an area well beyond the Hamilton Dam itself, the city also directed the consultant team to develop a restoration plan encompassing the larger Flint Riverfront within downtown Flint. Over the course of an approximately one year planning process, this Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan was established.

The Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan builds upon multiple engineering, design and planning studies related to the Hamilton Dam and Flint Riverfront. The Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan and companion technical reports provide the data needed to move forward with the development of detailed construction documents to implement the recommended modifications. As part of the overall effort, the following tasks were completed:

Community engagement meetings

Topographic and bathymetric survey and base plan development

Hamilton Dam condition assessment

Hydraulic modeling

River bottom sediment testing and analysis

Fish passage assessment

Existing condition assessment of the riverfront

Design recommendations for the dam and riverfront

Permitting coordination

Chevy Commons project design, planning and permitting

Hamilton Dam removal

Island Street (Swartz Creek Confluence) project design, planning and permitting

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