Riverfront Park

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Riverbank Park is located on both banks of the Flint River, east and west of Saginaw Street and immediately north of Downtown Flint. Completed in early 1980’s, Riverbank Park was designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. The intricate and complex design scheme created a series of five separate block parks that included market stalls, an amphitheater, grand fountain and other water-based site features. The park also featured an Archimedes’ screw that drew water up from the river into the park’s system of canals, fountains, and waterfalls.

Riverbank Park is a critical part of the Flint Riverfront Restoration Project. The future of the park will integrate community input from the City of Flint’s Master Plan, Imagine Flint, which was passed in 2013. Contributions from earlier stakeholder assessments will be incorporated. Most importantly, fresh input will be gathered through new community engagement efforts before work begins. Starting May 2021, stakeholders will be hosting a series of outreach sessions to collect feedback to help finalize designs for improvements to Riverbank Park. Social, environmental, and economic concerns, as well as user preference, must be incorporated into the park’s future so that it can meet the needs of residents and visitors. Click here to see more information on these sessions and to take an online survey on the future of Riverbank Park.

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