Natural and Sustainable Beauty is our Drive

Since 2006, Cultivating Our Community has assisted residents in fostering beauty by planting and maintaining gardens in gateways, street medians, traffic triangles, and other public spaces. We encourage responsibility and education related to environmental health.

Our love for nature and learning has encouraged the installation of monarch waystations throughout Genesee County. Native plants included in the waystations not only provide necessary resources for bees and butterflies, but encourage a connection between residents and nature.

 Our Power is in Community

Dedicated members of businesses, neighborhood groups, clubs, churches, and students have planted and tended more than 55,000 trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, and bulbs.  Flint and Genesee County residents have graciously volunteered to maintain these gardens in order to provide a clean  and vibrant atmosphere.  Your commitment allows us to create and sustain community improvements.

We Are Interested in Hearing from You

Do you have a desire to transform a public space in your neighborhood? We have the tools to help. We are always looking for new, creative plans to enhance the environment. If you’re interested in Cultivating Our Community, or would like information or educational materials, please contact Program Coordinators, Diana Johnson, and Samantha Cardenas, or 810-209-6014.